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Planning your career in Planning

For any career path, planning is key – and no-one understands this more than planners.  Whether you’re a town planner, masterplanner or even a marketing planner, knowing where you want to go and how to get there is vital to career progression. Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway Fear is inhibiting and generally, stops you from doing things.  Walking into a crowded room, public speaking, being an expert witness for a planning appeal or making those first steps towards leaving...

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Who Benefits?: Questions to ask before accepting a Counter Offer

Well done – you’ve gone through the process and scored yourself a brand new job!  Now to hand your resignation and get going, right? Wrong. Companies are keen to hold onto their top employees, therefore, don’t be surprised if your resignation is followed by a counter offer. In theory, giving your notice should be like Caesar crossing the Rubicon – once done, there should be no going back.  The die is cast (or as Caesar may have said “ales iacta...

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Resignations: How to Handle Handing in Your Notice

The sense of accomplishment that comes with landing a new job is a great feeling.  The dread that comes with having to give notice at your current job…not so great.  Whilst there isn’t a way of doing it which erases the feeling of dread completely, there are ways to make it easier, both for you and your (soon-to-be ex) employer. What is giving notice? Simply put, giving notice is alerting your employer that you’re about to leave.  After being employed for more...

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