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Resignations: How to Handle Handing in Your Notice

The sense of accomplishment that comes with landing a new job is a great feeling.  The dread that comes with having to give notice at your current job…not so great.  Whilst there isn’t a way of doing it which erases the feeling of dread completely, there are ways to make it easier, both for you and your (soon-to-be ex) employer. What is giving notice? Simply put, giving notice is alerting your employer that you’re about to leave.  After being employed for more...

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Be Prepared - How to prime yourself for interviews

Interviews are the worst – there, we’ve said it. Very few people like them and yet they are an essential part of the recruitment process, both for you and the company looking to hire you. They take a lot more than just searching Google for “Common Interview Questions” - from fighting with the iron to cursing at the SatNav, bring prepared isn't just for the Boy Scouts.  So, where to start? The name's Holmes, Sherlock Holmes In most cases, you’ll be told...

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CVs: How to make yours work for you

When it comes to job hunting, your CV is paramount.  Get it right and you’ll have more interviews than you know what to do with.  Get it wrong and you’ll end up looking into a desert of silence as no-one responds to your many job applications. Whilst every CV is different, depending on your own experience and unique skills set, they all share a few commonalities when it comes to what should be included. Profiles aren’t just for social media A profile on a CV is...

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