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New Season, New Job - First Steps to Moving On

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve survived the 1000 days that was January and made it through to February. Unfortunately, you’ve pretty much given up on all of your New Year’s Resolutions, cancelled the gym membership you optimistically signed up for on 1st January (the one you knew you’d end up cancelling after two gym visits) and your Instagram has gone from pictures of inspirational quotes to pictures of all the food and drink you’re consuming. Then there’s...

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Getting LinkedIn Using LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the “go-to” social network for all things professional and most people (including you) are on it and (should be) actively using it. Thanks to our article “From Mess to Masterpiece: How to improve your LinkedIn profile”, your profile looks wonderful and is full of content that shows the world just how great you are. You’re now ready to start actually using LinkedIn and experiencing everything it has to offer! You’re a sheep, Shaun Following...

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From Mess to Masterpiece: How to improve your LinkedIn Profile

As a professional in the 21st Century, social media (and the internet in general) has become an essential tool for making yourself known to potential employers.  Therefore, it’s important that your social media works for you – it can make just as important a first impression as a face-to-face meeting.   In this article, we’ll cover the basic ways to bring your LinkedIn profile up to date and make potential employers want to hire you over other people....

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