(SF171) Be backed to run your own Town Planning business

Have you ever considered leaving your employment and setting up your own Town Planning business?

What has stopped you?

- Cash in the bank and lack of security? It's hard to take that risk when it will be likely several months before being paid and one still has mortgage payments, car payments and childcare costs to factor in.
- A concern that a number of your key clients have policies not to instruct "one man bands" - we know this is common when consistency of delivery is so hugely important to clients. 
- The idea that you would truly be by yourself without a team around you? Leaving a team and doing it alone, without colleagues to bounce ideas off of is daunting to say the least. 
- The administrative/back-office/bookkeeping/accounting duties that are time consuming, expensive distract you from your work but still have to be done?

What if, on behalf of one of our clients, we could put a proposal to you that would genuinely remove all of these barriers?

Our client is an established Planning Consultancy in their own right with over 11 years of trading history behind them. Now, they are embarking on an already successful brand expansion that will give seasoned Town Planners the opportunity to genuinely run their own businesses and work in partnership with them
A snapshot of the opportunity:

- Assistance with initial set up as a Limited Company
- Trade using their branding, taking advantage of their established trading brand.
- All of your marketing material produced for you.
- Listed as a team member on the main company website and all social media platforms. A main company email address.
- A weekly drop in meeting (in person or video call).
- Use of a CRM system to manage your quoting, time recording and billing. 
- Typing and administrative reports conducted by back office staff and access to templates for all planning reports and letters.
- Experienced planners available at an hourly rate (if you find yourself with more work than you can handle, want to go on holiday, there is a team that can pick up your work for you). 
- Invoices prepared and sent on your behalf and debt collection.
- A monthly report produced for you on billing levels and debts outstanding. 
- VAT returns, corporation tax returns and accounts prepared and submitted for you. 
- Access to the possibility of initial funding arrangements to help you deal with the main barrier to doing this - cashflow! 
- No location restriction across the UK. Live and work in Leeds? London? Bristol? Rurally? No problem! 

In return for all of the above, our client takes 20% of your billings and your own company keeps the rest. To illustrate what this could look like, if you are at Associate/Associate Director grade and believe you will self generate £135k per year in client work, you keep 80% *£108,000 which, in terms of cash in your personal bank account would equate to £71,932 after taxes*

We are delighted to be able to offer this opportunity on behalf of our client and in turn, be able to help them bring a truly unique opportunity to market and transform the working lives of successful planners who have historically believed that they need to work in a traditional employment setting. 

There is obviously far more information that we can talk through with interested parties and follow up with in depth booklets, before setting up a dialogue with our client for you. If this could be of interest, please click the link below or call Sam Ferris on 07463 423 309

*All figures are illustrative.